No Gobble Gobble for Dinner

Enjoy this short comic piece of mine recently published by The Daily Drunk Literary Magazine! You may enjoy it even more if you knew my father Roy Blanchard!



2 responses to “No Gobble Gobble for Dinner”

  1. JEROME34 KAUFMAN Avatar

    Oh, Michelle…. I can just see and hear it!!! I remember wonderful times in Port Sulphur with Penny….I can just see Uncle Roy and Miss Artie!

    But, this reminded me of times when my family would go to New Orleans to visit my aunts. They lived in this big white house. In my child’s mind, it was stately. It was my Dad’s family home. Pere had a stroke the night I was born; but lived for several more years, immobile and uncommunicative. He passed away a few years after I was born. Then, Mere passed away when I was a little older. So, living in the ‘big house’ were 2 of Dad’s sisters, Adah and Lillian and his aunt, Nini. In our family, they were known as “the Three Graces.” They wouldn’t say “sh*t” if they had a mouthful of it, as Daddy would say. Whenever we went to visit, my brother and I got the same lecture y’all did. Mind your manners, say, ‘Yes, m’mam and No, m’mam, please, and thank you. You must try everything on the plate, even if you didn’t like what was served. Then, if you didn’t like it, you politely said. “I’m sorry, I don’t care for this.” When you were finished eating, you must lay your fork and knife across the middle of the plate. That was to let your host…Aunt Adah…know you were through. Of course, we were never to bicker with each other. By the time we left to go home, I’m sure my Dad’s legs were full of bruises from when Mom kicked him under the table! Every afternoon about 4 p.m., they had old fashions…and Aunt Lillie was very particular about the way she muddled the sugar with the orange slice. During one visit, while we were having dinner, my Dad started getting them to reminisce. Little did anyone know that he had a tape recorder under the table! 🙂

    So, you can see how your story brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing!



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    1. Lovely connection!!!


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