By Your Passion

By your cross
We were redeemed

By your childhood
We were raised

By your hands
We were led

By your feet
We were brought

By your words
We were taught

By your miracles
We were awed

By your parables
We were molded

By your psalms
We were enriched

By your side
We remain

By your mother
We were soothed

By your apostles
We were converted

By your martyrs
We were inspired

By your saints
We were emboldened

By your father
We were created

By your son
We were taught

By your spirit
We were confirmed

By your water
We were baptized

By your love
We are nurtured

By your courage
We were spared

By your grace
We were sanctified

By your pain
We were crippled

By your taunting
We were provoked

By your crucifixion
We were saved

By your death
We were delivered

By your body
We were fed

By your blood
We were bathed

By your cross
We were redeemed

4 responses to “By Your Passion”

  1. Michelle, this is beautiful and well worth our time to ponder. Blessed and Happy Easter Season.

    Marie de Sales SSND


    1. Thank you, Sister Marie!


  2. Thank you, Michelle, for capturing the multiple aspects of God’s love that are encapsulated in what happened on Good Friday.


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