Book Review: Of Manners and Murder: A Dear Hermoine Mystery #1, by Anastasia Hastings

Perusing the NetGalley offerings, this book screamed, “Read me!” Set in Victorian England in 1885? A headstrong female protagonist solving a mystery? Yes, please.

As I started reading the first in this new mystery series, I was immediately struck by how Violet reminded me of Eliza Scarlet from the compelling PBS Masterpiece series Miss Scarlet & The Duke. Add to that the story line of Violet, the protagonist, taking over her Aunt Adelia’s Agony Aunt column, which reminded me of A J Pearce’s lovely book, Dear Mrs. Bird, where the protagonist Emmeline Lake works for the columnist who writes the Agony Aunt column in a floundering magazine. I was all set to love this book, but for me, the writing was somewhat flat on the page and I found it a bit slow-going plot-wise. I’m sad to say this book wasn’t for me, but I know it will be a home run for many others, especially those who love mysteries set in the Victorian era. And, when author Anastasia Hastings publishes book 2 in this series, I will certainly give it another try!

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this new book, and the very best of wishes to Of Manners and Murder as it makes its way in the book world!

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