Book Review – Nadiya’s British Food Adventure

I love watching British cooking shows and reading cookbooks from the UK. This particular book, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, combines my love of all things British with a desire to learn more about other cultures.

Nadiya Hussain is a breath of fresh air. No pretentiousness, no putting on airs. Just family style cooking elevated with a bright smile and a touch of style. You may recognize her as the winner of the Season 6 series of The Great British Bake Show. You could just tell she was a star from the start.

Her recipes are things that are easy to pull together, often with ingredients you already have at home. Her television series brings all of her recipes to life, as you watch her effortlessly turn classics into modern versions of dishes her family loves, such as the tea cakes with date butter. I could really gobble one up right now with a nice cup of tea!

An excellent cookbook by a welcome new face on the food scene.

4 responses to “Book Review – Nadiya’s British Food Adventure”

  1. Mousumi Chatterjee Avatar
    Mousumi Chatterjee

    I totally agree with you Michelle. I love watching Nadiya Husain’s show Nadiya Bakes. I actually tried some of her dishes and they are just delicious. Her shows are amazing; with her beautiful smile and narration – she makes every food delectable.

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    1. Thanks! I love her recipes!

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    2. Her Spotted Dick Soda Bread is delicious!

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